Portlands Affordable Custom Home Theater Systems
Man Cave and Media Room Installations

Below are some examples of some theater rooms and there prices

Portland Home Automation has been building custom home theater entertainment systems since 1998. We take pride in having our name, on your home theater room. Having a system that is not user-friendly does not help our business grow. That is why we have turned to using Control4 for not only our primary Home Automation system, but also our home theater universal remote system.

A low-budget, big-bang production

Whether home theater means a cozy corner of your living room or a screening room with theater seating, you'll appreciate the flexibility of Control4 solutions when it comes to enjoying your favorite entertainment in your home theater. Here are just a few examples of what you can do with Control4:

  • Simplify your audio, video, and home theater components with one remote to control all
  • Turn your television into an elegant interface from which you can access and control your entire home
  • Access all movies in your multi-disc changer, iPod or NAS drive from one interface, and search by cover art
  • Create a one-touch scene to lower the lights and shades, plus adjust the temperature to create the perfect ambiance for movie night

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Picture of Lake Oswego House
Storage space converted into Private Theater Room (Framing, New Door, Sheetrock, Paint , Trim, Wiring,Carpet, Chairs,Sony Projector,Onkyo 7/1 Surround system, NHT Speaker system,BluRay, Control4 System) $28,000 - $45,000 Call 503-740-3870

$0.00 (USD)

Picture of Complete 3D system, 55" TV,surround sound, BluRay player, Control4 system
Complete 55" 3D-TV and surround sound system with Control4
$6,495.00 (USD)
$5,895.00 (USD)

Picture of Man Caves
Gallery of Man Caves installed by Portland Home Automation

$0.00 (USD)

Picture of Star wars theater
Star Wars Themed Theater room Large Flat panel 3D TV, boasting the Star Wars Saga with a Yamaha 7.1 surround sound system, Klipchs Speaker system, LG BluRay and the Control4 system

$0.00 (USD)

Picture of Springwater Custom Home Theater Video Wall
Video Wall (Prewire,Yamaha 7/1 surround sound,NHT speaker system,BluRay,3 TV's,Control4, Cabinetry along wall W/ Hidden Door) $14,000 - $16,500 Sports Collection Priceless

$0.00 (USD)

Picture of Persimmons Video Wall
Video Wall (Prewire,5 TV's,Yamaha 9\1 surrouns system,BluRay,NHT Speaker system,Control4) $13,750 - 17,650 Cabinetry and Bar not included!

$0.00 (USD)

Picture of Wilsonville House
Bonus room with fake wall, all equipment and front speakers are behind the cloth covered wall that the Da-lite Screen in attached to (Construction,screen,Sony projector,7/1 Yamaha Amp,BluRay,NHT speaker system,Control4 $9,000 - $11,500

$0.00 (USD)

Picture of Eagle Creek House
Bonus Room with a Hidden door behind the screen (Sony projector,Da-lite Screen,Yamaha 7/1 Surround sound,BluRay, Control4,Cabinetry along the wall ) $16,000 - $23,000

$0.00 (USD)

Picture of Oregon City House
Private Home Theater Room construction already done! (Yamaha 9\1 Surrouns system,NHT Speakers,Blu Ray, Control4,PS3,Da-lite snap screen,Sony projector) $9,500 - $14,500

$0.00 (USD)

Picture of Persimmons Family room
Family Room With framed TV (Prewire, 6\1 Yamaha surround system, BluRay, NHT Speaker system, Control4,TV, TV mounting) $7,300 - $10,650 Cabinetry not included!

$0.00 (USD)

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